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As a buyer I love to see things priced, especially if there's a few things im interested in on a busy table. You dont have to stand and wait to attract the attention of a busy seller just to know how much they want for something.

- Tanya Bushell

I've found that some people lack confidence or just don't like to ask the price of things, especially younger buyers or boot sale first-timers, so when everything has a price on it you've definitely got more chance of making sales.

- Mike Scott

I've heard people say that pricing your boot sale items with stickers might make you look like a novice seller - but looking like a novice seller at a boot sale is only going to attract more buyers looking for a bargain ;)

- Mrs Camberly

I love boot sale stickers - it makes doing a boot fair so simple. We have everything priced up the night before and loaded into the car - anything to save time at that hour in the morning is a good thing!

- Melanie Garret

I must admit, I wasn't sure about whether to price things up when doing a boot sale or not, but at £3.99 i thought it was worth a go - and it was!

- Phil Cromwell

I use these car boot sale price stickers regularly, It definitely helps make sales when everything is so clearly priced with bright coloured stickers.

- David Priest